Stinger Systems

Conductix-Wampfler offers customized solutions to provide power to vehicles parked in maintenance facilities. Economical "Stinger Systems" are available in many different designs. Solutions range from insulated conductor bar with vehicle connector drop leads to inexpensive festoon arrangements.

Stinger Systems:

  • Remove the dangers and hazards associated with traditional live plugging of trains; no "live plugging"
  • Prevent unintentional energizing of train circuits
  • Eliminate arc flash when plugging and unplugging
  • Provide operational flexibility by switching of individual trolleys
  • Will automatically shutdown if there is no current draw from the equipment for a set period
  • Includes plugs that are customized to your rolling stock and are equipped with interlock safety circuits
  • Has removable key and spring return selector switch to prevent unauthorized energizing of train circuits
  • Features controlled separation of leads in the event of drive out condition
  • Use finger-safe conductor bar and/or cable festoon systems
  • As an alternative to the above, economical conductor bar and festoon configurations are also available.
  • Contact us to discuss your requirements