New spring reels from Conductix-Wampfler

SR Express series scores with low weight, low wear, great winding characteristics, and ease of installation and maintenance

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August 2018. Conductix-Wampfler, one of the world's leading manufacturers of systems for energy and data transmission to mobile machinery, has developed a new generation of spring reels – the SR series. Beside the configurable full range, the series includes an Express variant. "Our Express series is popular due to consistent standardization and very short delivery times of just 48 hours ex works," says Markus Sobott, Global Market Manager Overhead Cranes at Conductix-Wampfler, explaining the advantages.

Suitable for both vertical and horizontal installation

Conductix-Wampfler offers the new SR Express series in different models in five sizes. These models are suitable both for typical applications in a vertical orientation as well as a horizontal orientation. Horizontal reels are primarily used for the main feeds to portal cranes or transfer carriages, while vertical reels are often used for different load attachments on the hook, such as grippers, magnets, or bars. "Our new SR spring reels can handle horizontal winding lengths of up to 56 meters. For a central feed, that means a total travel distance of 112 meters," says Sobott. The vertical reels reliably supply lift heights of up to 34 meters. Cable cross-sections for pure power transmission in either application range from 4G2.5 to 4G6. For data transmission, cable cross-sections range from 7G1.5 to 20G2.5. The halogen-free PUR cables were developed specifically for use with reels.

"With protection class IP64, impact resistance of IK10, and a temperature range from -20°C to max. +60°C, the new SR Express reels come with everything they need to work reliably in the industrial environment," emphasizes Tristan Prevost, responsible Product Manager at Conductix-Wampfler. They also feature a low intrinsic weight, low wear, and good winding characteristics. 

The five models differ in the design of the reel body. In the three smaller types, the body is made of fiberglass-reinforced PA6, while the two larger variants use galvanized steel. All the reels have a tough fastening flange of galvanized steel. A comprehensive line of accessories, such as cable grips, damping springs, fastening adapters, and guide arms rounds out the product portfolio of the new SR Express series. 

Focus on ease of maintenance

Conductix-Wampfler made the newly developed slip ring bodies as maintenance-friendly as possible. The screws of the cover are secured against falling out, and the carbon brushes are easy to change. "The cover of the slip ring body has ventilation screws as standard equipment to prevent any formation of condensate," adds Prevost. The drive springs of the reels are made of a high-performance textured steel, designed for a long service life of 100,000 actuations.

Successive replacement of older spring reel models

The new spring reels in the SR Express series will successively replace older Conductix-Wampfler models. The variety of adapters available makes it simple to replace older series. The first step will be to replace the quick-availability Stock&Go Reel (SGR) and Excel Express with the new reels. "As the market introduction progresses, we will gradually replace the freely configurable reels of types BEF, Excel, and Sirio with the new SR reels," says Sobott of the future plans. "Of course, we will continue to provide replacement parts and perform repairs for all existing older spring reels."